Our Art Glass Center unites the studio of Yury Vassilev and Vitra gallery.
Our main activity is the creation of stained glass windows, lighting fixtures,
mirrors, plastic arts and other interior and architectural glass details, which
have been our priority since the founding of our studio in 1990.
The aim our gallery is to show the works of the studio artist and to present
exhibitions of other artists working with different glass techniques, as well as
to organize variouspresentations and art projects, related to stained glass.
Under the guidance of Yury Vassilev, we currently offer various courses on basic
and advanced glass techniques, including fusing, slumping, stained glass and
glass drawing.
The gallery is also selling glass, paints, tools, and all other, materials for a well
equipped art glass studio.
For the glass lovers audience - we are planning to announce open studio visits
soon, in which you would be able to learn more about the glass as a material,
its history and various glass art techniques.
Our team includes two people Yury Vassilev, artist and Iskra Pavlova, manager,
but we are an open space for collaboration between all colleagues and glass